Friday, April 4, 2008

The Institute of Christ the King Needs Your Help

Editor's Note:
There is nothing more important one can do for Catholic Restoration than supporting those organizations which train priests. Readers are familiar with the apostolic work of the Institute of Christ the King as the Editor has posted similar requests in the past. If it is possible, please assist the Institute in this most important work. May God bless your generosity.
How to Adopt a Seminarian
Our seminarians are very dedicated and generous young men, who are on the path to fulfilling their call to the Holy Priesthood, a call to holiness and service to souls in a world that is in urgent need of returning to of Our Lord. However, they do not always have the financial means to sustain themselves in the course of the seven to nine years it takes to complete the seminary program and be ordained a Priest.

The expense of maintaining a seminary, and of lodging, feeding, providing instruction and supplying the necessary study materials to approximately sixty young men is very high. Our seminarians are thus asked to contribute the relatively small amount of $750 per month toward these costs; but many are not able to afford this contribution.

Would you be willing to adopt a seminarian and help support him throughout his seminary years? While occasional donations to the Seminary are gratefully accepted, we would be deeply thankful if you could commit a monthly amount to fully or partially cover the expenses of one of our American seminarians.
To adopt a seminarian, (1) please use this form or (2) go to, check bullet "For American Seminarians," and fill out the Credit Card donation information (there is an option for recurring monthly parcels at "For recurring monthly donations").

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