Monday, April 21, 2008

The "Triumph" of Liberation Theology

Editor's Note:
Interesting and disturbing news out of Paraguay. "Bishop" Lugo knows in his liberal heart that there is no true "liberation" without our Lord. I am sure he was taught this in Catholic school; yet, like all good liberals, this teaching is something he has conveniently forgot. Please pay particular attention to Lugo's comments regarding Socialism. Whether or not they would admit it, I know that we have "bishops" in the US who would agree completely with this.
From Rorate Caeli.
The dream of Liberation Theology priests everywhere has come true this Sunday as Bishop Fernando Lugo (Emeritus of San Pedro) was elected the new President of the Republic of Paraguay.In early 2007, the Holy See had made clear that Lugo had been suspended, but not released from his episcopal dignity (Document in Spanish). That was completely irrelevant to Lugo, who pressed on with his candidacy in favor of his vision of "Cambio" ("Change").
Lugo presented what he means by change in a political conference in Ecuador last August, concluding his speech with these words:
We are attempting to build the Socialism of the 21st Century, a fresh and new Socialism, a legitimized pact, impelling participatory democracy, that is, real democracy. With our attitude....There will be no Socialism without economic transformation, there will be no Socialism without participatory democracy, with emphasis in economic [matters], there will be no Socialism without Socialist ethics; love, solidarity, equality among all men and women, among all, are the fundamental elements of Socialism and of ordinary people.
Fernando Lugo was named Bishop of San Pedro by Pope John Paul II in 1994.

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